Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Hayden!

Our Pumpkin is turning 1! That was the theme of Hayden's 1st Birthday. We celebrated at The Glendale Lake with a weiny roast.

I have to tell a little story on Cale and Hayden's birthday cake...I had worked a couple of hours on it and finally finished it up--Cale had been really good not to get near it while I was making it...I was really impressed. After finishing it I hopped in the shower and as I'm getting out of the shower Cale is standing in the doorway just looking at me. I asked "Cale what have you been doing?" he very seriously and honestly replied "Mom, I touched your cake...I touched your cake with my tongue!" Trying to hold in my laughter I had to go look at it. The stem of the cake is an iced upside down icecream cone and he had already asked me if he could have it at Hayden's party. On one side of the cake there was a dent in the back where he had leaned in with his shoulder to get a lick of the icecream cone! Luckily he really didn't do much damage other than the dent. It was one of those moments where I couldn't have been mad at was just too cute the way he honestly told me what he'd done!
The birthday boy---I can't believe that his hair was so dark when he was born and now he is my little blondie!

All the kids got to paint pumpkins at the party.

And go on a hay ride!

We were so busy at the party that it got too dark for Hayden to open his presents while we were there, so we did that once we got home.

We let him play in his cake at his birthday dinner...neither one of my boys liked playing in the cake.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Summer Catch Up

Cale has got to go fishing a couple of times this summer---his patience is still a little thin though!

We had our first official camp out on Labor day weekend--the weather was great other than it got a little chilly at night---so Brent went ahead and took Hayden in the house but Cale and I were brave and stayed in the tent--All was going well until Cale wet his pants in the middle of the night---needless to say it will be a memorable first camping experience.

I love pictures of Hayden eating---no matter what it is he's eating he always sticks his fingers in his hair--i feel like there is always food in this chils hair!
Cale's 1st Dental Visit!
I was a little leary if I should be the one to clean Cale's teeth--I thought maybe he would listen better if another hygienist would do it--but we tried it anyway---Brent's appt was first so he got to watch daddy do it and maybe that helped---Cale was soooo good--he laid so still and did what I asked of him--He even was in charge of the suction--aka "the sweeper" He keeps asking when he can go back! It took some convincing that I work at the dentist office--For the longest time Cale thought I only worked at Bobes--I guess that's because that's the only place he had seen me working until his dental appt.

Our pumpkin is turning 1! Hayden 1st birthday is right around the corner so we've been taking some photos for his invitations--this is probably my favorite--Back in August we went to the Indiana State Fair and of course we had to go on a day to see the hot air balloons--this time we went to the night glow instead of the actual race---the set them up the night before at dusk and when a light the fire to air them up the literally glow--it was a really neat site to see around 50 hot air balloons glowing--Cale loved it!---we liked this balloon!!--Brent sales Pioneer seed!

Nellie got a trampoline for her 3rd birthday--all of the kids love jumping.

Cale enjoying an icecream cone!

Cale and Hayden riding in the jeep! Hayden loves riding in it--i just wish the seatbelt was a little more heavy duty!

Hayden loves to swing! Although this picture doesn't reflect that!

Cousins: Avery Wyatt, Hayden and Cale

And yes I did get some grief over Cale wearing a John Deere shirt!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 4th of July

The 4th is my favorite holiday...being outside-cookouts-and of course the fireworks---We celebrate it every year at a family friends house.

Grant getting a workout pedalling Cale around.
The sandbox has been a huge thing this summer for Cale---He loves it---He loves to play with his tractors in it and it has really helped his imagination sore!

My little fish--Hayden---who loves the water---I'll have to work on getting a pic of our first tooth too!!! Finally "o" popped through this week at 8 mths old

We've been to Splash Park a couple of times this year and Cale loves the fountains/sprinklers to play in.

We went to Waterworld for the first time this year--Cale really enjoyed it too--esp the kiddy area where he could walk around but his head still be above the water---he was jumping in the water in the 6 inch area and you would've thought he was jumping off of the high dive---he was so draumatic!

Looks like a future pyromaniac!

Cale and Hayden on the 4th--look at Cale's lips--you can tell he's saying "cheese" ( I took about 5 pics just like this and his lips are the same in all of them)

Cale was so excited to get to go with Brent and ride in the sprayer---he calls it the prayer---Cale has also become a know it all! He'll say something and if I correct him--he will let me know immedialtely that he is right! -(Ex: That's my dad's "prayer"---No that's not your dads--YES that MY dad's "prayer!")

We also went to the Linton parade--Cale would pick up some candy and instead of putting it in the bag he thought he needed to eat it right then---then he kept spitting them out because more candy would come--I guess he thought he needed to sample them all! Needless to say the dental hygienist in me put an end to that quickly!

I tried to take some pictures of the boys in the wheat field before it was cut---but of course Cale wasn't exactly cooperative for a photo shoot--Hayden on the other hand was all smiles!
I do like this looks like Cale is tickling Hayden

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Silly Boys!!

You wonder how two boys so close in age can be so's Cale terrified of the baby pig...

and here's Hayden loving them!

Cale and Nellie get along great majority of the time--with the exception of some 2 yr old tantrums. This day they were playing a little too well---it got a little too quiet and when Kara walked in the room to check on them this is what she discovered! Nellie had managed to paint all 10 of Cale's toes BRIGHT red and seven of her own toes---managing to only get two small dribbles of polish on the carpet, which we were able to remove!

I thought this was adorable!---a little unsanitary--but cute!

Cale and Nellie playing on the mower--and yes Cale is wearing Nellie's pink boots!

Mother's Day 2011

My dad felt the need to get a little for wheeler for the grandkids! Needless to say all of the kids loved it! We couldn't take turns fast enough! We've also made sure the helmet is a necessity--esp after Cale's previous 4-wheeler driving record!

Hayden just enjoying a little sunshine in the little tikes car.

Cale's latest obsession---he needs to "fix" everything---he's working on his bike with a screwdriver

Cale's imagination has really started to grow! My mom had some matches fall out of her pocket the other day and Cale told her that he needed them....she told him that he was too little for matches..he replied with a comeback of "no, I smoke!" We all about died laughing because we're never even around anyone who smokes! After we all caught our breathe we asked him who he knew that smoked and he told us "his daddy!" So we had to call Brent immeadiately to get the low down..after he quit laughing he reassured us that it wasn't him. Where do they come up with these things???

Friday, April 15, 2011

Much needed update

I haven't been doing a very good job at all the last couple of months updating my blog! I guess right now our world is a whirlwind and time is flying by!

Hayden is now 5 1/2 mths old and rolled over for the first time last Sunday! (April 10,2011) Of course I was working at Bobes and missed it! He had done it a totally of seven times before I ever got to see him do it--I swear he knew when I was watching and when I wasn't. He is such a happy baby and is such a good little guy! Cale is still a great big brother but did "accidentally" pulled Hayden off of the couch one night! We celebrated Brent's Grandma's birthday (April 2, 2011--Grandma Craney) On Spring break my mom,Cale, Hayden and myself loaded up and traveled to Memphis to see Tasha-Brant-and Andrew--We had a great time! We took Cale to the Peabody hotel to watch the "duckmaster"--Cale was really taking in these ducks!! You would've thought he had been raised in the city! Hatch!!! Cale's highlight of the basketball games this season (and the dance team!) He loved looking for Hatch and watching him--but when the dance team takes the floor watch out because Cale turns into this dancing machine in the bleachers!

Regional 2011

This day wasn't really all that great for our household--Brent gave me the "mommy of the year award" To sum up a long story--Cale and I were on the 4-wheeler getting ready to park it back in front of the barn when Cale floored the throttle but the breaks were weaker than the gas so we hit the barn--Cale is whaling and keeps sticking his finger in his year--my first thought is it's knocked his jaw out of place---we load up and go to the hospital where he turns into this happy little kid who needs to check everything out---ends up he has a "jammed jaw" kind of like a "jammed finger" so it was just sore for a few days. Needless to say we haven't been on the 4-wheeler since!----also note that I'm wearing my glasses in this picture---I had to wear them for about a week and a half because Cale put my contacts down the sink drain!

On one of those unexpected warm days in March we had weiny roast and did a little fishing.

A little out of order--this picture of Nellie and Cale is from another cookout we had in Feb--a random warm day!--a little ketchup on the face does everybody some good!
Hayden enjoying the outside air at the weiny roast! (5 mths)

He is really starting to loose a big patch of hair on the back of his head--still has a lot in the front-and is still hanging on to the mullet in the back--I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to break down and cut his early because it is out of control!