Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Hayden!

Our Pumpkin is turning 1! That was the theme of Hayden's 1st Birthday. We celebrated at The Glendale Lake with a weiny roast.

I have to tell a little story on Cale and Hayden's birthday cake...I had worked a couple of hours on it and finally finished it up--Cale had been really good not to get near it while I was making it...I was really impressed. After finishing it I hopped in the shower and as I'm getting out of the shower Cale is standing in the doorway just looking at me. I asked "Cale what have you been doing?" he very seriously and honestly replied "Mom, I touched your cake...I touched your cake with my tongue!" Trying to hold in my laughter I had to go look at it. The stem of the cake is an iced upside down icecream cone and he had already asked me if he could have it at Hayden's party. On one side of the cake there was a dent in the back where he had leaned in with his shoulder to get a lick of the icecream cone! Luckily he really didn't do much damage other than the dent. It was one of those moments where I couldn't have been mad at was just too cute the way he honestly told me what he'd done!
The birthday boy---I can't believe that his hair was so dark when he was born and now he is my little blondie!

All the kids got to paint pumpkins at the party.

And go on a hay ride!

We were so busy at the party that it got too dark for Hayden to open his presents while we were there, so we did that once we got home.

We let him play in his cake at his birthday dinner...neither one of my boys liked playing in the cake.

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  1. Fun, fun!!!! The story about Cale was so tempted him too long.haha. And the last picture is priceless!