Friday, April 15, 2011

Much needed update

I haven't been doing a very good job at all the last couple of months updating my blog! I guess right now our world is a whirlwind and time is flying by!

Hayden is now 5 1/2 mths old and rolled over for the first time last Sunday! (April 10,2011) Of course I was working at Bobes and missed it! He had done it a totally of seven times before I ever got to see him do it--I swear he knew when I was watching and when I wasn't. He is such a happy baby and is such a good little guy! Cale is still a great big brother but did "accidentally" pulled Hayden off of the couch one night! We celebrated Brent's Grandma's birthday (April 2, 2011--Grandma Craney) On Spring break my mom,Cale, Hayden and myself loaded up and traveled to Memphis to see Tasha-Brant-and Andrew--We had a great time! We took Cale to the Peabody hotel to watch the "duckmaster"--Cale was really taking in these ducks!! You would've thought he had been raised in the city! Hatch!!! Cale's highlight of the basketball games this season (and the dance team!) He loved looking for Hatch and watching him--but when the dance team takes the floor watch out because Cale turns into this dancing machine in the bleachers!

Regional 2011

This day wasn't really all that great for our household--Brent gave me the "mommy of the year award" To sum up a long story--Cale and I were on the 4-wheeler getting ready to park it back in front of the barn when Cale floored the throttle but the breaks were weaker than the gas so we hit the barn--Cale is whaling and keeps sticking his finger in his year--my first thought is it's knocked his jaw out of place---we load up and go to the hospital where he turns into this happy little kid who needs to check everything out---ends up he has a "jammed jaw" kind of like a "jammed finger" so it was just sore for a few days. Needless to say we haven't been on the 4-wheeler since!----also note that I'm wearing my glasses in this picture---I had to wear them for about a week and a half because Cale put my contacts down the sink drain!

On one of those unexpected warm days in March we had weiny roast and did a little fishing.

A little out of order--this picture of Nellie and Cale is from another cookout we had in Feb--a random warm day!--a little ketchup on the face does everybody some good!
Hayden enjoying the outside air at the weiny roast! (5 mths)

He is really starting to loose a big patch of hair on the back of his head--still has a lot in the front-and is still hanging on to the mullet in the back--I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to break down and cut his early because it is out of control!

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  1. I think I have said this before but Hayden looks just like his big brother!! Could they look anymore alike. lol I have been wearing my glasses a lot too but only b/c of allergy's. Boo!

    PS- your goldfish cake was cute! great idea!!!