Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 4th of July

The 4th is my favorite holiday...being outside-cookouts-and of course the fireworks---We celebrate it every year at a family friends house.

Grant getting a workout pedalling Cale around.
The sandbox has been a huge thing this summer for Cale---He loves it---He loves to play with his tractors in it and it has really helped his imagination sore!

My little fish--Hayden---who loves the water---I'll have to work on getting a pic of our first tooth too!!! Finally "o" popped through this week at 8 mths old

We've been to Splash Park a couple of times this year and Cale loves the fountains/sprinklers to play in.

We went to Waterworld for the first time this year--Cale really enjoyed it too--esp the kiddy area where he could walk around but his head still be above the water---he was jumping in the water in the 6 inch area and you would've thought he was jumping off of the high dive---he was so draumatic!

Looks like a future pyromaniac!

Cale and Hayden on the 4th--look at Cale's lips--you can tell he's saying "cheese" ( I took about 5 pics just like this and his lips are the same in all of them)

Cale was so excited to get to go with Brent and ride in the sprayer---he calls it the prayer---Cale has also become a know it all! He'll say something and if I correct him--he will let me know immedialtely that he is right! -(Ex: That's my dad's "prayer"---No that's not your dads--YES that MY dad's "prayer!")

We also went to the Linton parade--Cale would pick up some candy and instead of putting it in the bag he thought he needed to eat it right then---then he kept spitting them out because more candy would come--I guess he thought he needed to sample them all! Needless to say the dental hygienist in me put an end to that quickly!

I tried to take some pictures of the boys in the wheat field before it was cut---but of course Cale wasn't exactly cooperative for a photo shoot--Hayden on the other hand was all smiles!
I do like this one...it looks like Cale is tickling Hayden

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