Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Summer Catch Up

Cale has got to go fishing a couple of times this summer---his patience is still a little thin though!

We had our first official camp out on Labor day weekend--the weather was great other than it got a little chilly at night---so Brent went ahead and took Hayden in the house but Cale and I were brave and stayed in the tent--All was going well until Cale wet his pants in the middle of the night---needless to say it will be a memorable first camping experience.

I love pictures of Hayden eating---no matter what it is he's eating he always sticks his fingers in his hair--i feel like there is always food in this chils hair!
Cale's 1st Dental Visit!
I was a little leary if I should be the one to clean Cale's teeth--I thought maybe he would listen better if another hygienist would do it--but we tried it anyway---Brent's appt was first so he got to watch daddy do it and maybe that helped---Cale was soooo good--he laid so still and did what I asked of him--He even was in charge of the suction--aka "the sweeper" He keeps asking when he can go back! It took some convincing that I work at the dentist office--For the longest time Cale thought I only worked at Bobes--I guess that's because that's the only place he had seen me working until his dental appt.

Our pumpkin is turning 1! Hayden 1st birthday is right around the corner so we've been taking some photos for his invitations--this is probably my favorite--Back in August we went to the Indiana State Fair and of course we had to go on a day to see the hot air balloons--this time we went to the night glow instead of the actual race---the set them up the night before at dusk and when a light the fire to air them up the literally glow--it was a really neat site to see around 50 hot air balloons glowing--Cale loved it!---we liked this balloon!!--Brent sales Pioneer seed!

Nellie got a trampoline for her 3rd birthday--all of the kids love jumping.

Cale enjoying an icecream cone!

Cale and Hayden riding in the jeep! Hayden loves riding in it--i just wish the seatbelt was a little more heavy duty!

Hayden loves to swing! Although this picture doesn't reflect that!

Cousins: Avery Wyatt, Hayden and Cale

And yes I did get some grief over Cale wearing a John Deere shirt!


  1. Oh my.. I can't believe the baby is almost a year old. Where has the time gone? You have a couple of cuties :)

  2. Sounded like Cale did an awesome job at the dentist. You don't hear many kids asking when they can go back. haha. I hate the "sweeper" just feels too weird and I know I prob. give the weirdest facial expression. lol. And I can't believe Hayden will be ONE!!! Have fun planning and can't wait to see some pics!