Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Silly Boys!!

You wonder how two boys so close in age can be so's Cale terrified of the baby pig...

and here's Hayden loving them!

Cale and Nellie get along great majority of the time--with the exception of some 2 yr old tantrums. This day they were playing a little too well---it got a little too quiet and when Kara walked in the room to check on them this is what she discovered! Nellie had managed to paint all 10 of Cale's toes BRIGHT red and seven of her own toes---managing to only get two small dribbles of polish on the carpet, which we were able to remove!

I thought this was adorable!---a little unsanitary--but cute!

Cale and Nellie playing on the mower--and yes Cale is wearing Nellie's pink boots!

Mother's Day 2011

My dad felt the need to get a little for wheeler for the grandkids! Needless to say all of the kids loved it! We couldn't take turns fast enough! We've also made sure the helmet is a necessity--esp after Cale's previous 4-wheeler driving record!

Hayden just enjoying a little sunshine in the little tikes car.

Cale's latest obsession---he needs to "fix" everything---he's working on his bike with a screwdriver

Cale's imagination has really started to grow! My mom had some matches fall out of her pocket the other day and Cale told her that he needed them....she told him that he was too little for matches..he replied with a comeback of "no, I smoke!" We all about died laughing because we're never even around anyone who smokes! After we all caught our breathe we asked him who he knew that smoked and he told us "his daddy!" So we had to call Brent immeadiately to get the low down..after he quit laughing he reassured us that it wasn't him. Where do they come up with these things???

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  1. You got some good shots! I love the "unsanitary" pig one. lol.